Thursday, October 31, 2013

There will always be something to fix...

Bodega Bay, CA

Two new windows, re-attached rub rail (this time with sheet metal screws), clean decks, no moldy carpet, DRY pillows and mattresses, sticky mats for all the galley surfaces, new charge controller installed for the solar panels, a couple new oatmeal bowls from Goodwill (to replace the ceramic ones that broke off Cape Mendocino), a full water tank and, last but not least, a replenished beer cooler.
Ready to take off!

We are taking off tomorrow, out of Bodega Bay. The Sonoma coast has treated us well... possibly a little too well. Between wine tasting, cheese shopping (I love boutique cheeses), drives in the convertible Mini Cooper through the vineyards (Thank you Rob), walks among the old redwoods, even an all-organic facial, we have been spoiled with land-lubberness of the best kind. I told Clif, when we motored into Bodega Bay three weeks ago that it was going to take me some time before I would be raring to hop back onto the boat. Now, I am positively boat-sick, and can't wait to be out again on the water and anchoring up in new places. The most unique part of this journey is that we are taking out home with us. It is our traveling apartment. When we stay away, I am homesick.

We have been staying with Clif's parents in both Reno and Occidental, so today I returned all of our possessions to the boat. We've actually been more nomadic than usual, believe it or not. Before loading our things onto the boat, we dwindled down our belongings once again (It is a long, ongoing process). I can honestly say now, even with some nice dresses in storage in Juneau, that I own the least amount of clothes I have ever owned in my life, and it is liberating.

The boat is also much cleaner and organized, thanks to some much need plastic storage containers we bought in Santa Rosa. A small living space can be remarkably peaceful and stress-free if it is simple and clean, but can become disastrous when an extra couple "things" laying around don't have a home. I swear I'm not obsessive, I just live in a 8 sq. foot space.

The biggest change to Sound Discovery during this rest/work period, are two new cabin windows, which we installed ourselves. We contacted Mark Plastics down in San Diego and purchased two brand new acrylic windows to replace the two that had been damaged during our passage down from Newport. I documented the process with my iphone, but the photos are buggering up the blog post, so I'll upload them later directly from my phone.

We only installed two of the cabin windows because of the expense, but have plans to replace the other two windows at some point in the future... when we magically have some money burning holes in our pockets. Or, if the visibility difference becomes an annoyance. Never the less, WE LOVE our new windows. Glad we purchased them. They are much sturdier and higher quality than the originals.

'Nough said! Time to go to bed. We will have our tracker on periodically tomorrow to plot our course. Making our way down to Southern California this week and next. We will be having Clif's dad, Rob, join up with is Monterrey on the night of the 6th.

More soon...

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