Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thanks for the Send-off!

Thank you to everyone who braved the rain and came to the boat Friday to say goodbye and some to see the boat for the first time! We enjoyed having everyone at the dock. Special thanks to Bride and Jason for lending us their rain tarp and party tent, which fit perfectly on the dock and sheltered us from the elements. Also thank you to Jill, who let us all crash her house later that evening to escape from the rain and still enjoy our friends' company.

Here is our tentative schedule for the week, through Price Rupert:

Monday 9/2: Leave mid-morning, staying in Taku Harbor Mon. night

Tuesday 9/3: Taku Harbor - to Hobart Bay

Wednesday 9/4: Hobart Bay - to Petersburg

Thursday 9/5: Through Wrangell Narrows

Friday 9/6: Coffman Cove

Saturday 9/7: Coffman Cove

Sunday or Monday: Ketchican

Monday/Tues/Wed: Prince Rupert (Completely dependent on weather for crossing Dixon Entrance).

We will be sending out a GPS tracking signal once a day, and a little email message via our Delorme Inreach. If you want to be added to the email list for the tracker, send me a short email

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The "to-do list" week!

Back in Juneau! Time to hit the ground running. This will be a week of "to-do's." We have no car, no jobs and just a view days before fall is officially upon us. We rode the bus home from the grocery store last night and became very aware of the nearness of our departure. Send-off party is scheduled for Friday night: check my Facebook for more info.
Until then, we will be on and off the boat working away. At least it's not raining (shocking for late August in Juneau)!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

OCSC Sailing Week

Special thanks to the OCSC school for giving us an incredible amount of tools and information to take with us as we head back to Juneau (sans trucks)! My dad joined me in the basic keelboat 1 and 2 course for the week---getting literally thrown into a small J24 and having to become a sailor instantly. I was able to come into the class and perfect all my sailing maneuvers, including learning a new man-over-board maneuver ("figure-8") that both Clif and I now know and can practice in our Cal when we get home. I also was able to gain some more knot knowledge, sail shaping practice and experience being in a steady 25 degree heel in big wind and big chop while staying in control (although, definitely didn't stay dry).

Clif took the Bareboat Cruising class and worked hard all week on close-quarter marina maneuvers in Catalina 32's and 36's. We both were certified at our appropriate levels and received u.s. sailing certification!

I loved having Dad with me on the boat all week. He is now ready to spend some time on Sound Discovery as our gourmet galley chef (in a warmer climate)! We also made a bunch of great contacts that all want to keep on touch and spend time on the boat.

Enjoy these OCSC photos from this week. You'll also notice in the photos a big highlight from sailing on the Bay: Americas Cup races!! We got to see the AC 72's out and about while sailing this week!