Monday, January 28, 2013

5 degrees outside...

... A toasty 65 degrees inside Sound Discovery. Clif's declaration: this will be our only winter we will be cold on the boat. Sounds optimistic for Mexico next December.

What's New? I'll tell you what's new...


It's no mystery that the boat accumulates moisture. We are hovering somewhere above the water line, and Juneau is a precipitous place. However, I wasn't prepared for the temperature to drop to 10 degrees this morning, causing ice to form... Well, everywhere. I could only curse Fairbanks (my brief home for a year) for sending down such a crappy low weather front. Sailboat + 10 degrees = ice. Ice + Giselle = taking a hot bath at my parents house the minute I get done with work.

Will I ever get dry? No. Will I ever get warm? Yes. I see clear warm waters in my not so distant future. And hopefully along with that, a great bikini body.