The Boat

Sound Discovery hauled out in 2011.

Sound Discovery

1978 Cruising Cal 34 Mk lll

Clif purchased Sound Discovery in Tacoma, WA, October 2012 and motored her all the way up the Inside Passage (during the cold weeks of November) to her new home in Juneau, Alaska.  S/V Sound Discovery, or affectionately known as "Da Boat," or "SD" was transformed into a true Juneau home for the winter; complete with space heaters, warm sleeping bags, quilted comforters, electric tea kettle, and any possible to keep out the ice and snow.

Sound Discovery in February 2015, getting a new bottom paint job.
The summer of 2013 in Juneau treated Sound Discovery very well. We had incredible weather, including continuous days of sunshine, warmth and lots of great sailing. We spent a lot of that summer working overtime in both of our jobs and selling off most of our landlubber toys. Sound Discovery got a nice little face lift: two new solar panels to the transom railing (surrounding the cock pit), the majority of the teak got cleaned and a couple other small projects to preparing our boat to be a sound cruising vessel!

On September 3rd, 2013, Clif and I (Giselle) cut the dock lines from our Douglas Harbor home in Juneau, and began our 3 month sail down to Mexico. We spent a month motoring and sailing through the Inside Passage to Seattle, did a 10-day passage from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, and month making our way from San Francisco to La Paz, Baja. It was an amazing adventure that both of our dads participated in, as well as two of our experienced sailing buddies. We had great weather almost the entire trip, excluding a rough day in Taku Inlet, right outside of Juneau, and several days in a gale storm off Cape Mendocino in northern California (see the blog archives for that one).

Once the money ran low, we pulled our precious home out of the water at Marina Seca Guaymas. For the past several years, Sound Discovery has been a Mexico boat, cruising seasonally in the Sea of Cortez from Guaymas down to La Paz and back north. We have plans to bring it further south in the Spring cruising season of 2017.

Winter Sailing with friends Dave and Andy in Juneau, Alaska, March 2013

Reflection of the transom, prior to changing the home harbor to Juneau.
GoPro image of us sailing down the Pacific coast of Baja in Fall 2013, our Walker Bay dinghy in the foreground.

View through the dodger in Juneau, Alaska

Giselle relaxing in the hammock in Playa El Burro, Baja


  1. Very cool yall,
    I'm working on a Morgan 34,here in warm,(hot) Columbus, Georgia. Getting the boat ready to take her into the Gulf of Mexico to live and see stuff and move about on. Uhhh , soon...ner or later. Its a lot of sanding!
    Dan V
    Columbus GA

  2. Very nice.You are a year ahead of me in departing Juneau and sailing down to Mexico and beyond. Best of Luck