Friday, October 25, 2013

Reno, NV until Sunday

Just a heads up! I just updated the schedule page of our blog, you can check it out up at the tool bar. We will not be updating that until we get down to Loreto, Mexico, unless there is some major change. All date are very loose and depend of weather and our own desires to stay in one place longer than another. We also have two new crew members that will be joining us at separate times down the coast..... Our dads!! Rob, Clif's Dad will be joining us out of Bodega and exiting somewhere in the LA or San Diego area, and my Dad, Rich, is planning on hopping on in San Diego.

We will be in Reno until Sunday, and the driving back to Occidental, CA.

We have two new windows coming in to replace in the main cabin (storm related injuries) and that will happen before we leave on Friday, Nov. 1st.

Also... My cell phone took an unfortunate swim yesterday in a High Sierra lake and is now spending some time in a bag of rice, attempting to dry out. I'll try turning it on tomorrow, but if it does not come back to life, we will be phone-less for a couple more days.

Cheer from the sunny, very dry state of Nevada!

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