Monday, October 21, 2013

Taking a break in the desert... well, almost the desert.

Hey blog readers! It's been about a week since I updated everyone on our ocean passage escapade. Since then, we have been doing a whole lotta relaxation time! We spent a week in Sebastopol area, driving back and forth from the boat in Bodega Bay and Clif's parents' home in Occidental. On Saturday, we drove over to Auburn, CA to celebrate Clif's Grandmother's 80th birthday with the full Miller family, and afterward, instead of driving back to the coast, drove over to Reno! We have spent just a couple days in the hot Sierra sun and we are dried out. Clif loves it immensely. I am missing the green lush pacific coastline, but am still excited about exploring Clif's home town (city).

Today, (Clif and I realized) was my first day spent above 10,000 feet! We hiked to the top of Mount Rose, which has an expansive view at the summit of Reno, Truckee and Lake Tahoe. The whole hike reminded me of being in Prescott, Arizona, although on our return to the valley, I was recognizing that the hills to the east of Reno make it look much more like Phoenix. I understand why there is an appeal to being close to so many different climates and ecosystems. It allows for a lot of different play in a smaller driver space. Agreed, it's cool to have a sandy beach on a lake only 10 minutes from your local ski resort, but the valley might be a little too hot for my Alaska blood. Clif, in the dry heat, is absolutely at his happiest state of being. He might only be happier on a good sunny sailing day on the ocean. In fact, the salty air of the ocean can create a dry heat of its own. Mexico is going to be Clif's heaven: sailing and dry, salty, sandy heat, bring it on. I might be pining for the pines before long.

Our new schedule for cruising is rough, but taking shape. We will leave Bodega Bay Nov. 1st, weather permitting. Sail our way down to Half-moon bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey and the. Down to the Channel Islands, skipping around the LA area. Quite possibly make a quick stop in Santa Barbara, then down to Catalina and San Diego. Hoping to get to San Diego around my birthday, Nov. 12th.

That stop in San Diego will wrap up our U.S. portion of this fall sailing adventure, and up we hoist the Mexican flag!

Here are some shots from our hike up Mount Rose today. Enjoy!

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