Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A week of wind and waves---

Quick Hello and check in from Loreto--

We've finally made it down to Loreto after a week huddling in San Basillio (known better as Caleta San Juanico by cruisers), waiting out a long norther. The winds began about two hours after we dropped anchor in San Juanico, and didn't hesitate until about a week later. Strong north north-westerly winds blew constantly across the small bay where about 3-4 other boats took refuge. However, despite the grounding wind, there is not other place we would rather be stuck! We chose to cross to San Basillio for a reason! Diving, spearfishing, hiking, beach combing, goat-milking and cheese making were all on the agenda. We caught a small fish per day, and enjoyed getting to know both the cruisers and campers alike (San Basillio is a popular road-trip stop as well).

Since we have limited wifi this morning, and I trying to get all of our chores done this morning before the wind picks up, I'm just going to attach some photos from the past week and do a more in depth post from Puerto Escondido, an anchorage and marine about 17 miles south of Loreto.

Enjoy--- more soon!


Clif bringing the dinghy ashore in San Basillio (aka San Juanico).

A full backpack of produce after I visit to Jose's Garden!

Dishes: Don't be fooled by the sunshine and blue skies-- it was cold this day!!

It's Alive! Beach combing.

Jose's goat head out to pasture to munch on desert brush.

A view from a hike above San Basillio. You can barely make out our boat-- the tiny white spec in the second cove to the left.

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