Saturday, January 30, 2016

Back to Life on the Hard...

Morning view from our boat in the yard.
¡Buenos Dias de Guaymas!

Good morning from Marina Seca Guaymas aboard Sound Discovery. Clif and I arrived two days ago to a remarkably similar Sound Discovery, having weathered the hot, arid summer very well. Happy to be back on the boat and with a tight cruising schedule this spring, we set right to cleaning out the inside of the boat and making it livable. We went to a local laundry shop to clean all of our linens that had been collecting Guaymas yard dust over the summer, and drove downtown to get our favorite Tacos California at Donny’s. We also learned a couple lessons right away when pulling up to the boat in the yard-- one being to not use blue painters tape on the gel coat--- in our haste last spring, we used blue painters tape secure items that covered up windows and all moving parts. The tape that sat in the sun for the past ten months has (what seems like) fused to the boat. Even mineral spirits and a credit card can’t seem to get the residue off. So… we will have to work on that when we’re bored out on the water.

Braving the chilly Guaymas winter mornings :)
I’ve been having mixed feelings coming down to the boat this spring and leaving some wedding planning to-do’s behind, but I know it’ll be good for both of us to separate ourselves for a little while—eliminating any over-planning. The big pieces are in place, and the details are all just cosmetic! It’s like putting the boat in the water: the engine is running (woo-hoo! …as of yesterday), we have sails in good shape, and the rest is cosmetic. You could spend years working on every detail of the boat--- new projects always arising. Some folks DO spend years in the yard, until they have the perfect boat the want to sail. In our quest to keep things as simple as possible—Clif is removing me. What’s done is done—we’re getting married in April, and it is going to be a fabulous party!! (** Special thanks to my mom who will be sending out the formal invitations next week!
It’s entirely possible that we will get in the water today (a record time for many in the boat yard) and motor our way over to the free docks just west of where we are now. The free docks are a great staging ground to set up sails, line, have Clif go up the mast, and finish anything we need to do before crossing the Sea. There is not, unfortunately, Internet access—so I’m posting this now, and will look forward to posting our next blog somewhere in Baja, preferably further south! We will be using our Delorme InReach again. You can follow the tracker posts by clicking the link on the page, “Track Us!”

Oatmeal and blogging...
Another big announcement for us this spring, besides getting married, is that we both received jobs aboard The Mist Cove this summer, Clif as a deckhead and myself as the Guest Coordinator. If you want to read more about the vessel and the cruises planned, check out The Boat Company website here:

We’re very excited to finally work on a boat together, and are aiming to spend as much time on the water this year as possible!!
Looking forward to posting some wonderful sailing photos next time we have wifi!

Until then…Giselle

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  1. Great that you both get to work together on the same boat next Spring/Summer (but YIKES, $15000 for 2 for 6 days😨).... Enjoy your cruising in the Sea this season!

    David & Michelle
    SV Pelagia