Monday, March 2, 2015

Back in Bahía Concepción

Hello from Mulegé.

Little quick check in from the wifi-hub/bakery Mago’s. More photos than text this time, which is probably preferred by the Internet masses.
On the boat, practicing a new Red Dog song for the summer!

It’s been a lovely week sailing south from Santa Rosalía and posting up in Bahía Concepción. We had two days of great sailing: one day in particular sailing on a beam reach from Punta Chivato into Bahía Concepción at a nice clip of 6.2 knots--- getting close to our fastest sailing speed, pointed in the right direction… we were happy as clams. It’s so wonderful to be able to have a steady enough wind to engage the wind Monitor, “Leo,” and sit up front, on the cabin of the boat, while the boat sails by itself. While heading into the bay, we saw many Minke Whales (looks like a small humpback) and several large fin whales (none that got as close as our fin whale experience near Fort Bragg, CA). Whales spouts, 15 knots of wind, sunshine and a little ukulele serenading… what more could you ask for?

Hammock feet return...
We quickly eased back into cruise-mode once we dropped the hook in Playa El Burro, our favorite anchorage from last spring. The palapas on the beach all look about the same, we even ran into familiar faces on the beach that recognized us from last year (us younger cruisers seem to leave a lasting impression… and maybe seek more social beach interaction than the average sailor). I literally had a woman get up from her El Burro beach chair, with ice-cold margarita in hand, yell, “I remember you! You were here last year!” And thus, the party ensued. We got invited to several pig roasts over the weekend and dinner parties aboard other cruising vessels. Bahía Concepción is a party spot for cruisers. There are so many boats anchored up with Bahía Coyote and so many transient RVers on the beaches, all equipped with VHF handhelds, it’s inevitable that the gringo tequila drinks will be flowing.

Clif and I slid into our wetsuits for the first time on Sound Discovery this spring (definitely not the first time this year… I feel like this year I’ve wormed my way into my wetsuit over a hundred times.)  Clif speared several fish off the southern point of El Burro Cove. I’ve been practicing using Clif’s JBL northwest spear gun, but he has had more luck with the Hawaiian pole spear. Fresh fish! Huzzah! The JBL gun is so heavy to lug around underwater, I’ve been inspired to look for a sleek, girly spear gun to accompany my new free-diving fins. I’m thinking pink reef-camo--- if you see something like that, let me know (I’m only half-way kidding).

Where we are headed…
Margarita stealer: pig roast party on Playa Santispac.

South! The water temp and clarity up in Bahía Concepción is a little cold and cloudy this week, so we are going to move south to Bahía San Juanico--- another Baja cruiser favorite destination and then on to Loreto. That being said, now that we have settled into our cruiser-mode, if anyone is interested in joining us via Loreto (Alaska Air flies there) for a week, and you have the time/means to get a flexible round-trip ticket, contact me via the InReach (Cambria and Clairen--- were talking to you!!) We have space for one friend to come aboard and sail around the islands near Loreto, and it’s a very easy place to pick-up/drop off/resupply.

Until Loreto--- Happy March,
New decor for the galley, shells I collected from Punta Chivato.

Letting "leo" sail the boat while tanning our legs.

Shell bounty!! Punta Chivato had the most amazing shelling beach. I have never see so many shells in my entire life.

Quintessential bow sailing shot...

Clif's first spear fishing catch!

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