Thursday, September 19, 2013

Waiting in Campbell River, BC

Vancouver Island, BC: For Sound Discovery, Current is King...

Here we are, hanging out in Campbell River, BC, waiting on the currents to change. We have been moving so fast the last couple of days, that is feels weird to be actually "hanging out" in a port, even if it's just for the morning. We actually made an attempt to leave Campbell River earlier this morning, because it was PERFECT sailing weather, but alas, the current was pushing against us too strong and we were gaining no ground. We made the decision to come back into the harbor and wait until the afternoon. With all this time, I actually walked to Starbucks (Hooray for Canadian Starbucks!), and managed to do our first load of laundry this trip. As you can imagine, we had some stinky clothes, but only a few, since we have been wearing essentially the same outfits for the last two weeks (speaking for myself, I have tried to change up my long-underwear options for cleanliness).

Right now, clif is intently watching race 10 of America's Cup on his ipad: huge smile, loving every second.

I do have to say, as antsy as we are to keep a move on (feeling like Seattle is in sight), it is extremely nice to relax on the boat... lounging during the late morning. What a novelty! I also have time to reflect on our most magical marine life experience to date, which happened yesterday afternoon. We were preparing to go through the Seymour Narrows, about an hour outside of Campbell River, racing to catch the high-slack tide and make it through the Narrows with about 6 or 7 other boats around us. I was down below and heard Clif call me up: "Giselle...." he said in awe, "There are hundreds of them!" By them, he meant dolphins. White-sided dolphins, like I've never seen before in cold pacific northwest waters, and he was right: there were hundreds of them everywhere! We watched them breach high out of the air at a distance, completely covering the channel, and then watched, with wide eyes as ten of them came straight for our boat. The dolphins were literally jumping out of our wake, on the side of the boat, right next to the cockpit. I grabbed my cell phone and took a video as three of the dolphins, swam at our speed, like it was nothing. I went back down below and snagged my big camera and life jacket, walked up to the bow and much to my surprise, saw two and sometimes three dolphins sitting directly under the bow. The turned to their side and looked up at me, completely aware of the fact that I was there, desiring a closer encounter with them. Clif and I took turns laying down up on the bow, reaching down our arms, trying to touch the water. The dolphins were barely out of reach. It was unbelievable. I couldn't stop smiling. Laying down on the bow, reaching out, connecting eyes with the dolphins, that was the happiest I have been in a long time. It was surreal.

Somehow, amidst all the happy smiles and squeals of delight as the dolphins jumped up towards the boat, I managed to snap a couple good shots on rapid fire shooting--- camera strap around my neck and arms out holding the camera over the side of the bow...

Any closer, and I'd be swimming with them...

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