Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taku Harbor for Solstice

June 22-23, 2013

Clif and I did a little jaunt down to Taku Harbor this past solstice weekend, sailing down and motoring back up (because of lack of wind). The weather was beautiful, sunny blue skies! We had some nice sailing across Taku Inlet, and were followed by huge pods of porpoises for several hours of the trip. We ate a green curry dinner, accompanied by personal peach/blueberry cobblers later that night in the harbor. I used our two fiesta chili-bowls to bake in and they worked perfectly in our tiny oven.

We tied up to the recreational dock that is in Taku Harbor and spent the evening exploring the shore (including a jumbo swing that was built behind the new Forest Service cabin). The cabin was built recently and is still in great shape. We couldn't help but think we will be ducking into Taku Harbor this September on our first night headed out of Juneau to Seattle. Hopefully the weather will be just as beautiful (hah... lofty wishes).

Porpoises swimming along the side of Sound Discovery during our dinner al fresco was definitely a highlight--- enjoy the photos!

Porpoises playing under the bow!

Mmmm... green curry.

Taku Harbor view in the AM

Happy skipper.

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